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We are proud of our students' achievements, the instruction provided by our teachers, and the many educational programs offered to our community.  We believe that our exemplary educational system is a result of the collaborative efforts of parents, students, school, and community. Together we are improving the quality of life and learning for all.
Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity means taking ownership of your own learning. It is expected that students will do their own work and to be honest. Cheating or plagiarizing does not hold true to the standard of academic integrity.

Examples of cheating or plagiarism include but are not limited to:
  • copying another student’s answers or work
  • using unauthorized notes on tests and/or quizzes
  • submitting work done by another as your own
  • doing assignments for someone else
  • giving answers to someone else
  • changing answers after test and/or quiz review
  • gaining unfair advantage by looking at another student’s test/quiz or soliciting help during a test/quiz
Note: The result of academic dishonesty could be a loss of credit and possible disciplinary action by the teacher.

Grading Scale

Grading Scale Grade Point Average (GPS) will be determined using a 4.00 scale

 A-    3.67
 B+    3.33
 B    3.00
 B-    2.67
 C+    2.33
 C    2.00
 C-   1.67
 D+   1.33
 D-   .67

Core classes and exploratory classes will be given equal weight when determining GPA.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll There are two honor rolls where students may receive academic recognition: an “all A” honor roll and a “3.0 grade point average” honor roll.
Any student who receives an “E”, “D” or a “no credit” will be excluded from either honor roll listing. Any grade of “incomplete” will keep a student off the honor roll until the incomplete is removed and the grades are recalculated.
An overall grade of “A+” will not be issued to any student.

Homework Policy

Student responsibility is a valuable trait at Cedar Springs Middle School. Getting jobs completed and turned in on time is a habit that colleges and employers expect. We do understand that students sometimes need extra time to get an assignment or project completed accurately and turned in to the teacher. A student can turn in an assignment to any teacher in the building up to seven days late and still receive at least 60% credit. Special permission from the teacher is necessary. 

Classes for HS Credit

Several high school courses are offered at the middle school for high school credit. These classes are offered to 7th and 8th graders. Credit will transfer to the high school and the GPA will stay at the middle school.
Algebra at 7th grade will be calculated on a 5pt vs 4pt GPA (upon BOE approval).