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                                                      Student of the Month
 8th Grade
 Yellow House  
                                         7th Grade
 Green House  
Sergei Byxbe Art   Julia Smith
World History
Justin Kennedy Nelson  Band    Nick Walukonis  Choir
 Alexandria Vanderhyde French    Aspen Haywood Lang. Arts
 Madeline VanSinger Health   Sailor Rockinger Math
Tate Ringelberg  Lang. Arts    Ivy Collins PE
Jade Yowtz  Math   Zoe Gonzales  Perseverance
 Emily Sprague PE   Aricin Thompson  Science
Kyle Hoort  Science      
 8th Grade
 Blue House
   7th Grade
 Red House
Cloe Shoffner
Amer. Studies
  Ryan Vos  Art
Ava Fraam  Choir   Kaydn Robb  World History
Nuriel Cook  Lang. Arts   Judy Visser  Band
Morgan French  Math   Sydney Garchow  Health
Madison Layne  Science   Melissa Goslin  Lang. Arts
Chase Barden  Spanish   Aiden Lake  Math
Gabe Minnich  Technology    Austin Balcam Science
       Jon Wever Technology