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                                                      Student of the Month
 8th Grade
Yellow House  
                                         7th Grade
 Green House  
Juliana Bolinger Amer Stud   Kayla Becker Art
Caleb Skelonc Band   Riley Robb World History
Carlei Smith Health   Blake Parker Choir
Jon Wever Lang Arts   Tyler Twiss Lang Arts
Ashleigh Cervantes-Tanis Math   Naomi Cerda Math
Connor Diemond PE   Shylee Fletcher Responsibility
Alayna Cook Science   Grace Abbott Science
Aspen Haywood Spanish   Cole French Technology
 8th Grade
 Blue House
   7th Grade
 Red House
Nolan Russo 
Art   Sally Odren World History
Ivy Collins World History   Rachel Neiderheide Band
Mary Claire Cousar Choir   Chase Marsman Lang Arts
Julia Smith French   Alecia Alber Math
Madeline Radebach Lang Arts   Kelsi Green PE
Ashleigh Martin Math   Emma Miller Science
Lorraine Ives Science      
Keegan Reed Technology      
8th Grade Silver House      
 Connor Kutchuk
Soc. Stud
 Jonathan Reed Lang Arts      
 Brianna Fisk Math      
Dominic Pellerito  Science