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                                                      Student of the Month
 8th Grade
 Yellow House  
          7th Grade
 Green House  
Isis Plczak Art   Hannah Seif Art
Trenton Murphy Amer Stud   Reid Brandimore World History
Karla Alonso-Lima Choir   Larissa McGrath Band
Kaitlyn Reed French   Hallie Castle Health
Emma Cassiday Health   Ree'anna Forman Lang Arts
Mia Cooper Lang Arts   Kylee Hall Math
Mitchell Metiva Math   Julia Smith PE
Emily Caldwell Science   AJ Gates Respect
Jaden Page Technology   Aiden Le
 8th Grade
 Blue House
   7th Grade
 Red House
Travis Swift Amer Stud
Elliot Mooney World History
Tyler Swift Lang Arts   Charles Whitten Lang Arts
Aaliyah Calkins Math   Hayden Morris Math
Emelisinsca Winkels Science   Jaxson Dines PE
Brennen Porter Spanish   Tristan Terpstra Science
      Jaden Swick  Technology

7th & 8th Grade 

Silver House

Veda Londo  Amer Stud      
 Sergei Byxbe Band      
Alize Bowman Choir      
Isabel VanDusen Lang Arts      
Aubreana Boomgaard  Math      
Madison Williams Science