I Understand Love Heals

I understand love heals is a non-profit organization to support those who have lost a loved one to depression.  They have held events to support loss from depression all over Grand Rapids.  Recently they hosted an event where participants painted an angel on a clear glass ornament as a keepsake. 

Many of our students have suffered a loss of an immediate family member from different causes. Cedar Springs Middle School staff contacted I understand love heals.  The founder, Vonnie, was able to host an event for students who have experienced a loss of an immediate family member to participate in an angel ornament event.  Approximately 30 participants were involved. Our focus was on love.  Love never dies, memories stay alive, and special people in your life can support you through the emotions you may be feeling from the loss.   

We are hoping to continue special events to support our students.  It is difficult to identify all of the students who may benefit from such an event.  Please feel free to email sue.spahr@csredhawks.org if you have a child that has experienced a deep loss and may benefit from a special event like this.