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The Cedar Springs Middle School (CSMS) Student Leadership Council (SLC) is your democratic student body. The Student Leadership Council plans school activities, discusses recommendations from the students, teachers or administrators and works with the student body to improve daily life at CSMS.
The function of the council is to represent the views and ideas of all CSMS students. The council is composed of one representative and one provisional representative (a substitute) from each homeroom. It is both an honor and a responsibility when classmates elect a student to represent them at council meetings. The council representatives are also responsible for reporting back to their core what happens at SLC meetings.


  • Once a student has been selected to the Student Leadership Council (SLC), they must maintain at least a “C” average and good citizenship grades to continue to be a representative.
  • Eligibility checks will be done every two weeks.
  • If a student becomes ineligible due to poor academics or behavior, they will not take part in SLC activities until the next eligibility check. The provisional representative would then take over their duties.
  • If a member of the SLC is ineligible for two consecutive eligibility checks, they will be removed from the council and the provisional representative would then take over permanently as representative for that homeroom class.
  • Parents will be notified if their child is ineligible or is going to be removed from SLC.